Volume 3

Intaglio Volume 3, 2021 PDF Contents: This Glass Thing:Empty, full, solid, liquid; an exercise in paradoxical thing(k)ingRhiannon Vogl 1 Architecture Case Studies:Beloved Mosque: The Wazir Khan Masjid of Lahore Sanniah Jabeen   23 Conversations with Caravaggio: Temporal disruption and the transformative role of the spectator in Caravaggio’s works.Grace Guest 33 Interiors that Conform to Our […]

TWA Hotel: Back to the Future

Andrew Yin At New York City’s JFK Airport stands a building with large glass panels below a white concrete wing-shaped roof, giving it a bird-like appearance. Originally named the TWA Flight Center, this building was designed by Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962 as the terminal of the now-defunct Trans World Airlines (TWA). Although the […]

Beloved Mosque: The Wazir Khan Masjid of Lahore

Sanniah Jabeen The Wazir Khan mosque is located in the Walled City of Lahore, along the southern side of Lahore’s Shahi Guzargah, or “Royal Road.” This was the traditional route traversed by Mughal nobles and their guests on their way to royal residences at the Lahore Fort. The mosque is situated approximately 260 meters west […]