Volume 1

Table of Contents: 5 | Art, Abject Sorrow, And Adorno’s Totality Emily Barton 18 | Whose Neighbourhood? Immigrant Inhabitation in the Ward Joshua Philip Humphrey 32 | Framing Parmigianino Tatiana Thoennes 47 | The Elizabethan Sea Erin Riddiford 59 | Faith, Memory, and Barnyard Fowl: The Hen and Chicks Sculpture of the Basilica di Giovanni […]


Erin Riddiford Wind has formed the earth’s history, altering the future with each swirl of air. Entire landscapes have been shaped by it, important navel battles have been won or lost due to its whims, it has proved instrumental in shaping empires. It is no wonder that wind has come to represent divine beings in […]


Elizabeth Rose Within the treasury of the Basilica di San Giovanni Battista at Monza, in northern Italy, is an object unlike anything else that has survived from the medieval period: a golden statue of a hen, surrounded by her seven chicks, all placidly pecking grain from a large disk. Due to discrepancies in published reports […]


Emily Margaret Barton Adorno’s conception of “serious art” posits that art rejects mimesis, has autonomy from the world as well as from itself but can, however, simultaneously be about the world. Autonomy, from my vantage, has always signaled will, volition, positive and negative freedom. Positive freedom being freedom from internal restraints—the art being autonomous from […]


Tatiana Thoennes Art throughout time has been contained within frames and often housed by the constraints of a sculptural border. The art of Francesco Maria Mazzola, better known as Parmigianino (1503-1540), is no exception to this principle. Despite these physical restrictions, Parmigianino’s works have excelled in their innovation and creativity. Through the reconsideration of Parmigianino’s […]


Joshua Philip Humphrey The Ward has often been referred to as Toronto’s first Chinatown, although this statement is not entirely accurate, as it does not consider the neighbourhood’s long history prior to Chinese inhabitation. This area was an enclave constantly changing due to several ethnic groups claiming it as their home. This begins with African American Refugees, […]