TWA Hotel: Back to the Future

Andrew Yin

At New York City’s JFK Airport stands a building with large glass panels below a white concrete wing-shaped roof, giving it a bird-like appearance. Originally named the TWA Flight Center, this building was designed by Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962 as the terminal of the now-defunct Trans World Airlines (TWA). Although the building was closed in 2001, a restoration was completed in May 2019. The building, along with two new eight-storey wings, has been transformed into the TWA Hotel. The hotel’s curving forms and flowing spaces show visitors a past vision of the future, generating a sense of nostalgia and optimism as visitors experience the architecture, transforming the typically dull hotel lobby experience. The two guestroom wings, designed in the International Style, complement the headhouse, while the observation deck, accessible by the public, allows for a greater appreciation of this architectural landmark…PDF

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